China's "God of DotA" Embroiled in Love Scandal

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Professional gamers in China are treated pretty much the same way professional gamers are treated in other parts of Asia; with a certain deference. With the social position comes being a celebrity, and with that celebrity status it makes sense that something as personal as a romantic affair can blow up into something huge, even when it might just be a hoax.


PIS, or Bu Yanjun, often called a "god of DotA", was known throughout the Chinese professional gaming scene for his prowess in the Warcraft III mod Defense Of The Ancients.
Bu is supposedly retired but Chinese gaming sites have listings of him playing a DotA 2 match later this year.

Here's a video of Bu playing DotA.

On the Chinese social networking site Tencent Weibo, a post appeared late last night which revealed that Pis' girlfriend had cheated on him. The post also contained pictures of PIS' girlfriend Ni Er. Many of the pictures were NSFW—they showed the girl in various states of undress, as well as pictures of her and another man. There were message logs of Ni and her other lover for the public to view. Many of the messages posted by "Exposing the truth" show that Ni was unfaithful to Bu. One of the posted messages Ni wrote reads "You know, we did it when I wasn't ready and your dick is really..."

This incident led to a huge uproar in the Chinese online gaming community, with many gamers either proclaiming their support for Bu and denouncing Ni, and some simply asking for more photos. It's unknown who posted this information, how they came across it and why they did so, but Bu and his now ex-girlfriend say that it was revenge for something Ni did in an online game.

Bu posted earlier today on his public weibo requesting everyone to be civil towards his ex-girlfriend, and he also asked for some privacy on the matter. However things are turning weird. In Bu's latest post this afternoon, he said the whole reveal is a farce perpetrated by some unknown mastermind. The weibo post has had most if its content removed, and it's unclear if censors or the poster are responsible.

The situation is starting to change into the Edison Chen scandal of the Chinese gaming scene, minus all the other girls and the sex tapes.

游戏圈爆出艳照门 闹剧之后当事人和平分手 [iFeng]

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This is what eSports needs more of - personal stories! This is pro-wrestling caliber stuff here. It's not just a match, it's PERSONAL NOW! Time to redeem himself by destroying some other guy in a stupid game! ...Eh, okay, it has a ways to go to match up to WWE standards, I guess:) Still, progress! Now, people can get invested in this stuff, which is otherwise pretty dumb.

I don't care how many statistics MLG throws out, about how many people were supposedly streaming their dumb sh**. I don't know anyone who watches it, nor anyone who cares. And all my friends are hardcore gamers - much more hardcore than actual "Dew Suckers" who use the term to describe their mainstream gaming habits. I went to school for game design with these people! And most of us graduated, currently have Bachelor's Degrees in the field, and have worked on at least two shipped games! If WE don't give two shi*s about eSports, who the eff are the people that do?