China's Game Machine Slaughter House

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While it appears that nearly all of these 600 video game machines are used for gambling, it doesn't make their death at the hand of Chinese police any less tragic. I can see copies of World of Warcraft going into a bonfire next.


Contraband [Time, thanks Kyle]

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Smug Anime Face

Maoist China reaffirms my belief that America is a way better place to live in despite all the crazies and corrupt corporates leeching off of it.

I like my (hopefully still) Constitutionally-protected games.

People keep complaining about our government and how it's going to be OOOOOOOOH SOCIALIST IZ DA EVILZ. I feel sad that they don't seem to realize how saintly ours is - corporate-funded corruption be damned - in comparison to China's. Nixon should have left them alone to rot like Soviet Russia.

If people want a government that doesn't do anything, they should just move somewhere like Mexico or Somalia. SURE, they're seedy hellholes full of crime and even MORE unchecked corruption; but hey—you get what you wish for!