China's Banned Overwatch Players Have Excellent Names

A ton of Chinese cheaters got banned from Overwatch recently, and if we’re going solely by their usernames, our lives are poorer for their absence. Farewell 不上电视直播吃屎, aka “If I don’t get POTG I’ll stream me eating shit”, you will be missed.

The players were banned on November 1, and as is Blizzard policy, their names were made public. Considering many of the best/worst names affected looked like [Chinese Text] to most Western fans, though, _CRISPR went in and translated them.


Here are some highlights:

世界需要屁股#5932, aka The world could always use more butts

自瞄透视虐国服#5196, aka I got aimbot and wallkack and will CRUSH ya all from CN server

别走揪你鸡儿#5330, aka DARE to leave or I’ll pull your penis

迷你胸罩#5483, aka Miniature Bra

人丑唇厚脚又臭#5874, aka Ugly guy with thick lip and smelly feet

爱吃猫的鱼#5508, aka Fish that loves eating cat

请叫我碧池大仙#5341, aka Call me the God of Bitches

人丑唇厚脚又臭, if you’re reading, I’m sure you’re beautiful where it counts. Actually, since you got banned for cheating in a video game, maybe not.

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