China Is Building a One Piece Theme Park

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The coastal city of China's Dafeng will soon play host to One Piece fans across the country—and perhaps, even the globe.


See, China is constructing a new One Piece amusement park. The theme park has a budget of approximately US$76 million and will be built on 133-hectare plot of land.

According to news reports, this appears to be an official and approved project, unlike previous unlicensed theme parks in China (China Gundam, anyone?). What's more, a Japanese company is overseeing the entire project.


This comes as One Piece's popularity is on the uptick in the Mainland. Last year, the manga began serialization in Chinese newspapers.

Thanks to its coast, woodlands, and wetlands, the area of Dafeng is one of China's biggest tourist attractions. The One Piece theme park could also help the area attract Japanese, Korean, and Western tourists, too. I guess you could say this One Piece theme park will help Dafeng become The King of all the Chinese Tourist Spots.

今度はパクリなし? 中国上海近郊に「ONE PIECE」のテーマパーク [Excite]

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I know nothing of One Piece, but I do know that US $76 million is goddamn cheap for a theme park of that size. At the Mall of America Camp Snoopy wasn't a Disneyland level success, but it ended up making more than Disney because it cost so much less to make. The same thing is happening all over again at the Mall of America with Nickelodeon Universe. Both are in the same spot (Nickelodeon took over Camp Snoopy, unfortunately). Both came relatively cheap (like this One Piece thing). Both charged a ton per ride, but neither one had lines longer than 10 minutes (Disney can run an hour or more). My point? One Piece is gonna be a profit maker. Especially if it features crazy looking people eating raw meat. Crazy looking people eating raw meat is always a top seller.