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Chillin' with Chell Winners

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week's ‘Shop Contest served as a warmup for the cosplay explosion of San Diego Comic-Con 2011. We've got several entries that will be hard to follow. This week's top 20 awaits you inside!

Off the bat, Koda89 (12) came up with another animated entry that we have to present as a YouTube video. Go give it a look. GrungyMunchy (10) comes up with the best crossover seen since "Homicide: Life on Sesame Street." nightram (15) does not forgive and does not forget with his Anonymous ‘shop. T-Spoon (19) delivered a lol-worthy A-Team family portrait.


Daft Punk was a theme many explored. yousofi (20) got in first with this one. Cornjerky (6) found a livelier dead man for his Weekend at Bernie's mashup. Cygnus_Mal (8) puts the gang in the Yalta Conference. GiantBoyDetective says he never gets mentioned in the roundup. I just now did, though he didn't make the finals.

Overall winners? Laodicea-Dude (14) came up with a strong homage to Weezer's eponymous album cover. otiswhitaker001 (16) likewise delivered a nice take on Metal Gear Solid's question-marks-and-exclamation-points motif. But a.seivewright (1) taking the gang through an even bigger portal gets my nod. Their expressions, oddly enough, are perfectly suited to the setting.


Thanks again, and we'll have another contest tomorrow to keep you busy as Comic-Con winds up.