To: Crecente From: Luke Re: A Challenge? Don’t you patronise me. You want equitable, I’ll make a son. My new imaginary son. ChildBeard. Yeah, he’s four, but he’s got a flowing, braided, ginger beard, and he potters around the house in his pedal-powered toy longboat. Anyway…did you see the trailer for the new Astro Boy movie? Been waiting on seeing it in motion for what feels like years now, and now that I’ve seen it…I wish I’d seen more punching, more butt-cannons. Though the digging sequence was a nice tip of the hat. Here's what you missed: Rumor: Yngwie Malmsteen, More Soundgarden Coming To Rock Band GameStop Makes $1.69 Billion, Names Quarter's Best Sellers Sony's Christmas Ads Are Hit And Miss Waiter, There's An Altair In My Prince Of Persia Here's What The NXE "Premium Themes" Look Like PS3 Trophies Are Now MANDATORY Toys 'R' Us Black Friday Deals Ozzy Endorses, Then Battles The Lich King

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