Child of Eden Sweetens the Kinect Sensor Bundle

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In case you were still on the fence about dropping $150 on Microsoft's magical camera stick, the company today announced that the bundle is getting updated to include a download code for a free copy of sensual shooter Child of Eden.


Not that Kinect Adventures wasn't enough of a hardware mover, but one can only jump about imagining they're in a raft so many times before it gets old. The inclusion of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's beautiful rhythm action game means new Kinect owners will have another short but sweet game to keep them briefly occupied until something more meaty comes out for the device.

Kinect Sensor Bundle Announced [Major Nelson]

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Memo to Ubisoft: Child of Eden should have been a $15-20 downloadable title from the start.

Memo to all the suckers who bought the game at full price: please stop defending the initial $50 price point. You all are fucking delusional. Paying $50 for a game that I can beat in an afternoon is nothing short of highway robbery.