Child Gamer Indoctrination Kit Available Via Etsy

All new parents worry about how their little angel is going to turn out. The world is full of temptation and wonder that you fear may elevate or corrupt them. They could be upstanding, particle physicist olympians who volunteer at homeless shelters, or end up living out of the back of a van scavenging for roadkill to feed their 34 illegitimate brats. (Note: those are the only two options open, according to recent census data) Worse, they might not like videogames. No, no, it's too horrible to contemplate. Luckily this Etsy store is selling the essential kit you need to turn a newborn into a hardcore gamer - a Space Invaders onesie/babygrow, joystick bib and concentration-improving hat. $5.99 plus shipping is a bargain, people. Remember - the children are our future. Punk Rock 80's Baby GIFT SET onesie hat bibs Atari arcade game UNISEX black white[Etsy via Wonderland]


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