Look at Chewie long enough and you start imagining him flicking his arms around in slow-mo, like the universe's coolest shampoo commercial. Look at Han long enough and, well, you'll get those same feelings you always get when you stare too deeply into his cheeky scowl.

This Chewie figure is by Hoy Toys (who else), and is one of the most ridiculous large-scale figures I've ever seen. Mostly because he's covered not in moulded plastic, but with "brown fabric hair", which instantly make this one of the most realistic figures the company has ever released.

And OK, so maybe that's all they had to do, since he doesn't really have an outfit (or even a detailed face), but that's not Chewie's fault.


Joining him will be Han Solo, who despite an absence of actual Harrison Ford hair sprouting from every figure also looks fantastic.