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Chef Turns Splatoon's Biggest Stars Into Tasty Squid Recipes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The most important factor in creating Splatoon-inspired dishes, as Food Network’s Justin Warner does in his latest Foodie Call video, is to make sure the main ingredient is a squid now. Once that’s confirmed, cook away.

Warner, winner of the eight season of the Food Network Star series, is a pretty big fan of the game, crafting a pair of dishes based on Splatoon’s biggest stars, hosts Callie and Marie.


For Callie he made a Japanese okonomiyaki pancake flavored with squid ink and topped with grilled squid.


For Marie he made a batch of giant-sized calamari, which he plated with avocado and fresh wasabi.

It’s kind of uncanny how well the dishes capture the spirit of the Squid Sisters. I’m not the biggest squid eater, but I feel like I could make a couple of exceptions here.


Check out the video for instructions on how to prepare the relatively simple plates, including helpful tips on how to break down a squid into its edible bits. Nintendo PR guy David Young is along for the ride, making sure everyone who hasn’t played Splatoon yet knows what they are missing.

Be sure to check out the Foodie Call section of the Food Network website to see Warner do other amazing things, including Spam Smores and Scrapple Pie. He is a hero.


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