Chef Cooks Penis, Serves It Up for Dinner in Tokyo

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Illustrator Mao Sugiyama tweeted a simple proposition: Mao's male genitals (penis, testicles, and scrotum) as a ¥100,000 meal. The illustrator even offered to cook them.


Sugiyama is not a real chef—and admitted as much—but was offering a real plate of penis. The 22 year-old Sugiyama is also not man or a woman; the illustrator is asexual (what is sometimes called a "smoothie") and prefers not to be called "he" or "she".

Five diners (the sixth one didn't show) paid the equivalent of US$250 to dine on his bait and tackle, signing a waiver to release Sugiyama and the event organizers of responsibility. The illustrator claimed to be disease-free and had not started going through female hormone therapy. Sugiyama's genitals were functioning properly prior to the $12,000 operation earlier this spring and measured about 6.3 inches when erect.

At the dinner, Sugiyama's discarded privates were served with Italian parsley and garnished with button mushrooms. A licensed chef helped the illustrator prepare the meal.

Website CalorieLab apparently contacted the police about this, who pointed out that there are no laws against cannibalism in Japan and that the event was not exactly illegal. Still, authorities are looking into the event.

Meanwhile, Sugiyama has been answering questions on Twitter about the dinner as well as plotting an eventual video release of the dinner in which the phrase "eat a dick" took on a very literal meaning.

More photos in the link below. Warning: Some might find the imagery disturbing.

Tokyo Transsexual Cooks and Serves His Own Genitals at Public "Ham Cybele" Banquet, Police Shrug, "It's Not Illegal" [CalorieLab Thanks, John!]



Lol people are calling themselves asexual now? Is that what's poppin in the streets? In my day asexual simply meant a creature did not need another creature to reproduce. Now people are using it as an orientation for abstinence and shit.