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Cheese, Last Names And, Oh Yeah, Singularity

The latest episode of Kotaku Talk Radio is ready for you to download. Listen to an hour of conversation between me and the amiable Jeff Poffenbarger, senior producer of upcoming first-person shooter Singularity. Cheese was discussed.

Other topics covered during my chat with Poffenbarger:
-Where in the world does the last name of SIngularity hero Nathaniel Renko come from? Turns out that the derivation of a gaming character's last name is not easy to determine.
-Why there's no old-man vs. babies move in Singularity, and why, in (my) theory, there could have been.
-Why Madison Wisonsin is both not so great and great.
-Why you should consider buying/playing Singularity, even if you're all FPS'd out.

This was one of the more relaxed Kotaku Talk Radios. I hope you will enjoy it while driving home, jogging, not doing your work or sitting in your "thinking place."


Host: Stephen Totilo
Guest: Raven Software's Jeff Poffenbarger

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