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Checking Out The New Metal Gear Made for Social Butterflies

With Metal Gear Social Ops, Metal Gear is returning to smartphones! This time the game is a tap-based card game in which you sneak from point A to point B, pulling off "Stealth Chains" as you go.


Along the way, you can tap your way through, and a flurry of cards appear on screen as you successfully sneak. These cards are then used during the boss battles—and players can take on enemies with two other friends on their friends list (according to Japanese social gaming company Gree, players' comrades can be selected from conceivably hundreds in their friends list).


The card collecting and card battling nature of the game should be familiar to everyone who has played these types of social games. They are generally tap-heavy, designed to be played with one hand. This is so players can, for example, stand on the train with one hand balancing themselves and the other playing these types of games.

The game actually looks quite nice—but if you are not a fan of card-based Japanese social games, you'd probably think Social Ops was pretty boring! If you're into collecting digital cards and using them in battle, you'd love Social Ops.

Check out the game in action, above.

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You know, I have yet to actually play Metal Gear... or rather, to play it beyond the first five minutes. Because I am bad at it. Whenever a game forces you to be stealthy to be successful, I usually hate it... which is weird, because whenever stealthiness is presented as an OPTION, I'll always go for it. But I was absolutely terrible when I tried the original Metal Gear... though it was so long ago for me that I might better appreciate it now. I find the older I get, the more patient a gamer I become. Besides, I kind of feel like I SHOULD play it even if it isn't my thing because it's so influential to so many titles.