This guy Patrick emailed us to say he got a tattoo like Faith's from Mirror's Edge. Immediately I thought of her eye sunburst and figured he's gonna look like Mike Tyson. Nope. Much, much cooler.

Writes Patrick:

"Faith's tattoo design struck me when I watched the E3 2008 trailer, and I knew I wanted to emulate the tattoo. This past summer - prior to the release of Mirror's Edge, I brought an image of Faith's tattoo to a local tattoo artist, and he tattooed a similar design on my right arm. This is my first tattoo. It took 10 hours over three sessions spanning eight weeks to complete. I really enjoy Mirror's Edge but the circuitry design of the tattoo attracted me to it most principally."

For reference purposes, here's Faith and her sleeve.

Patrick adds that he's designing another circuit-board tattoo inspired by the pattern of the subway map in Tokyo, which he'll visit soon. Damn fine tattoo, Patrick.