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Check Out This Explosive Live-Action Battlefield 3 Fan-Film

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The guys at ApertureVFX have put together this more-than-somewhat-awesome live-action take on the chaotic, visually disorienting gameplay of Battlefield 3.

It plays out almost exactly how you'd picture a real-life BF3 match looking, though I don't remember seeing quite so many pairs of sunglasses during my time playing the game. I'm not sure whether some of the funky lip-syncing is an intentional homage to the game, or whether the audio track just got messed up, but who really cares? It's a cool video, with some particularly good sound design, and a dramatic and emotional score by Colin Lawson.


Also, apparently, when you play Battlefield 3 in real life, you play it on a PS3. Who knew?