Check Out this $950 Version of Pong

iTari looks to turn the iPad into a full blown television console for a mere $950.


That's the cost of an iPad, two iPhones and the cables needed to hook the iPad into the television. Steep cost of entry aside there's also the whole lack of support issue with only Pong running on the iTari proof of concept put together by developers Two Guys from Poland.

The concept uses the teams Joypad app to turn the iPhones into game controllers.

Hmm, maybe they should just go buy a Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, and pocket the change.


You know, that kind of headline drives me goddamned nuts. I'm not much of a whiner on here, but you guys are just killing me. Really? Only $950 dollars? There's no way that anyone could already have the stuff to play this right? And since when did we start adding in the cost of the hardware to the price of a game? It's the same shit that you guys did in the Scrabble post when the iPad first hit. How about you get consistent and start doing this with other hardware too? How about "OMGWTFBBQ: Uncharted 2 Costs $259.98!!!" But it wouldn't be fair to add the price of a Playstation 3 into the cost of the game, would it? Well I can start adding in the cost of the TV, the power to run the thing every year, gas to and from the video game store, cost of Gamefly subscription, Mountain Dew expenses, food (good thing Hot Pockets are cheap), and even my time, because everything has an opportunity cost, so I need to include the cost of not doing something profitable with my time because I'm playing a game, and possibly aggregate that over several years.


And then everyone can comment on how gay that is, and how only hipsters would pay that kind of money for worthless shit.