Check Out Black Ops 2's CODcasting in Action

In a live demonstration streamed direct from Gamescom in Germany earlier today, Activision and Treyarch showed off Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's exciting new multiplayer broadcasting tools. Finally a way for an unskilled loudmouth like me to enjoy Call of Duty!

I can imagine my first broadcast bout already. I'll pick an overlay, set up my mic, and my children will scream for 15 minutes straight which Yo Gabba Gabba plays in the background.


The entire broadcast should be up on Xbox Live and anywhere fine video stream recordings are found any time now.

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This looks pretty good actually. This coming from someone who didn't really like black ops and has played MW3 for a total4 hours (despite buying it day 1) before realising it's just a bad version of MW2 (maps were way too small and they added nothing interesting)

Call of duty is much better suited to smaller teams I think.

Now lets hope they do a decent PC version, but lets face it that isn't going to happen is it. They haven't made a decent PC version since CoD 4. MW2 was good except the god awful matchmaking, which almost completely ruined it.