Check out Assassin’s Creed III’s Brutal New Combat in This New Video

Back in the 18th Century, armies had all kinds of polite rules about how they waged war. The American Revolution was won, in part, by breaking those rules with what we know call guerilla warfare. Ubisoft's developers took inspiration from those old-timey hit-and-run tactics to develop an all-new fighting style for Assassin's Creed III. The video above highlights the evolution of the threequel's combat and looks at the weapons that main character Connor will be using in the upcoming game.


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Why are there still so many videos of only redcoats being slaughtered? We know he's neutral. They've been pretty adamant about that, so why do this?

It's really insulting as an American, like they're afraid of hurting our sensibilities. We're perfectly capable adults. We're not about to have our feelings hurt seeing a few bluebacks get scalped. I can only imagine how insulting it is to the British.