The next update to the popular iPhone and iPad app Pocket God introduces a pygmy named Charlie who keeps talking about Tiger Blood. Witness the speed of a pop culture meme breaching an app used by millions.

Pocket God's creators at Bolt Interactive call the 38th episodic update to their app: Two and a Half Pygmies. The free update to the 99-cent app will be available starting this Wednesday.


The official description:

"A mysterious stranger arrives on Oog Island and he seems a little addled. He speaks in a strange code and keeps babbling about "winning". He also does other weird things like transforming into a tiger that slices other pygmies in half. Gross! What makes this pygmy so crazy? Well...he's a total freaking rock star from Mars!


Watch the official preview video for the update and see how many Charlie Sheen-isms you can spot. Unless you managed to ignore all of that.

(If you need help, here are some development notes from the game's creators Allan Dye and Dave Castelnuovo: "If there are storm clouds and another pygmy on the island, Charlie will turn into a Vatican assassin warlock and strike the pygmy with lightning... When Charlie walks next to another pygmy (or you place him next to another pygmy) he turns into a Tiger Pygmy and says something about tiger blood and Adonis DNA and then cuts the pygmy in half.")

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