Despite tough times and a nasty U.S. recession gamers continue to come through, this time for a collection of games discounted in the name of charity.

The second Humble Indie Bundle managed to pull in $1,823,301.66, topping the first Humble Indie Bundle which brought in about $1.2 million.


That works out to 232,849 purchases of the pack that included 11 games for whatever price a person was willing to pay. The top contributor was Nexus Scorpion, who dropped $6,132.96 for the bundle. The average purchase price was $7.83, with Linux users paying the most on average, $13.76. Mac came in second at $9.26 and you tight-fisted Windows folks only paid $6.67 on average.

Each person decided who to split the money they donated, splitting it between the game developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity.

Thanks to everyone for paying and donating.

The Humble Indie Bundle 2

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