Chance The Rapper Is A Clueless Esports Reporter In This League Of Legends SNL Skit

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Keeping track of everything happening during a match of League Of Legends can be tricky, even if you are an experienced player or an announcer. But it is completely impossible if you usually cover NBA games. That’s the situation Chance The Rapper’s Saturday Night Live character faced in a skit featured last night on the show.


Chance hosted the show last night. This is his second time as an SNL host, and he brought back a character from before, Lazlo Holmes. This sports reporter gets stuck covering sports he doesn’t really understand, last time it was hockey this time its esports.

A perfect balance of confusion, snark and maybe a touch of jealousy? Even Chance can’t keep a straight face at one point in the skit, breaking into laughter at the joke, “I guess esports was what white and Asian kids were doing while black kids invented hip hop.”

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I appreciate this as someone that doesn’t play or watch MOBAs. But as with so many SNL skits, it’s longer than it needs to be. It’s basically beating a dead horse by the end. It also relies on some lazy stereotypes about a subculture, but that still works imo with the general fish out of water set up. A good chunk of the beginning could have been excised in favor of getting to the player interview and subsequent groupie gag sooner, and it would have been just as effective.