Game Of Thrones Actor Kit Harington Won't Shut Up In This VR Gaming Skit From SNL

Gif: NBC (YouTube)

Modern video games are more complex and narratively rich than past video games. But sometimes you don’t feel like talking and just want some action, except the game, REALLY wants to talk to you. A lot. That’s the basic setup from last night’s SNL skit “New Video Game.”


The skit features Kit Harington from Game Of Thrones as a member of a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse VR game EARTHWAR 3.

The skit starts off a little slow, including a bad Mario joke. But eventually, as the skit KEEPS pushing the two talkative survivors in the player’s face I was laughing. The dialogue choices were a nice touch.

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I wish more games had a “No Drama, Please” button.

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Pretty impressive sketch. They had the cadence down in the speech patterns of NPC voice actors, the movements were spot on... Looking forward to this going full circle and this being modded into a game.