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Champions Online To Feature Crucial 'Non-Embarrassing Costume' Option

Cryptic have posted another of their development blog Q&As that gives a rundown of some of the more obscure features of their upcoming Superhero MMO. By far the biggest — for this grim 'n' gritty 90's comic book fan's money — is the option to not have your character dress like a total idiot. In a bold swing away from other Superpowered games, characters in Champions online will be able to completely customize their look and dress in normal street clothes rather than compulsory star-spangled tights, underwear-pervert chic and flappy cloaks. If capes are your thing, though, Cryptic are happy to confirm the option of "long scarves, torn cloth and cowls". They have also been hard at work implementing attacks with chains, whips and mummy bandages - which gives some insight into the kind of bizarre details a game like this requires. Ask Cryptic [Champions Dev Blog]


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