Champions Online Open Beta Leaps Into Action

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Time to put Cryptic's latest massively-multiplayer online superhero game to the test, as the FilePlanet open beta for Champions Online launches with only a few slight snags.

Right now FilePlanet subscribers and those with preorder codes for Champions Online can download the game and start playing immediately, as long as they don't run into any patching issues. Seems there might be a few of those going around, but Cryptic already has a workaround in place while they iron out the issues.

Other than that issue and a very large download, nothing is keeping you from rolling around in spandex with your fellow caped crusaders leading up to the game's September 1st release! Go play.

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The industry needs to redefine "Open Beta" and "Closed Beta" if you really think this is an "Open Beta."

Requiring to pay money for a beta is a "Payed Beta" not closed because anyone can get in but not open because it still has a requirement that is not free.

Please, stop calling this an Open Beta, because it is NOT.