Chairman Rose Steals The Show In New Pokémon Web Series

In the first episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings, a new seven-part animated YouTube series set in the Galar region of Pokémon Sword and Shield, a hospitalized young boy looks to the suave and stylish Chairman Rose to help make his pocket monster dreams come true. Rose does not disappoint.

The episode, titled “The Letter,” is only a little over six minutes long, but it’s an excellent six minutes. The animation is gorgeous. The music is touching and evocative. The story is about a sickly young lad named John who dreams of seeing Galar region champion Leon in person. When John learns that the region’s league chairman Mr. Rose is coming for a surprise visit, he writes a letter conveying his aspiration.

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John finishes the letter just as the chairman and his assistant finish their visit. Can the boy make it to the roof before the pair depart in their flying taxi?

It’s short, but very sweet, like the amazing Chairman Rose. So busy, yet so considerate. I’ve only just now begun diving into Sword and Shield, so it’s neat seeing the people and places of the game come to life. I’m rooting for John, and can’t wait to see where the series goes next.

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Seems this short has more story than the whole game. It is a travesty that the Pokemon Company keeps dumbing down an already dumb plot, like kids are not adults, duh, but they are not stupid either.

If kid can enjoy stories like the ones told by Ghibli or Disney (in their golden years) then why the hell do we have this insulting plots thrown at us? If they did a game like this short, were your character is some ill kid that wants to know the champion and somehow ends as a trainer, but in the way he has to battle both trainers and his/her illnes, and the kid manages to get to the champion and beat him, crowning him/herself as the new champion as the main storyline, then in the post game you have to find a mythical/legendary pokemon that it is said to cure any illnes? Then wow, would we have a game of the decade right there (with all the gameplay enhancements that TPC has already forgotten along with the ones already there of course).

And no dexit god damn it, you just have to copy and paste text for the dex on older entries, we would suck it up, and use the already “future proof” 3D models you already have.