Pokémon Sword and Shield Inspiring Short-Form Anime Adaptation

A short-form anime take on Pokémon Sword and Shield has been announced. Called Hakumei no Tsubasa (Twilight Wings), it is set in the Galar region of Sword and Shield.

The animation is being done by Studio Colorido, which is best known for feature films like Penguin Highway and Typhoon Noruda.


According to 4Gamer, each episode is five minutes long. The first of seven episodes will debut on January 15 on YouTube. No word yet whether or not there will be English subtitles.

Update: Dec. 13 - 9:13 AM EST: The anime short will have an English version. More here in the official announcement.

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Evidently we didn’t see those huge villages in the game. That’s one of my big complaints about S&S - you go to these gym battles with crowds of thousands and then the town consists of...two houses? And a few people milling around? Not very immersive.