CGHub Rising From The Ashes

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Last month, the digital art community was shocked when CGHub, long the biggest and best online community/resource for aspiring (and established) artists, disappeared off the face of the internet.


Despite being managed by a capable and passionate team, the domain was owned by an external party, who with almost no warning had decided to pull the plug on the site. This didn't just leave the developers in limbo, but thousands of artists as well, who had been using CGHub as their primary portfolio.

Well, those devs -Shakuro - have recovered from the blow, and are working on a replacement site. It's not live yet (it needs some money from Kickstarter), but you can guess what it's going to be: basically CGHub, albeit with a slightly different design (since they didn't own CGHub's code) and a new name.

It's a noble venture. I can't help but wonder, though, if they left it too late, as already a number of viable alternatives to CGHub have emerged, my favourite so far being the gorgeous ArtStation.

Shakuro are looking for $90,000 in backing, and have the support of a number of the industry's biggest artists. You can see and read more below.



Pexx Primo

And thus we deign to see the dangers of solely keeping art assets amongst the "cloud".

On a more serious note; while it sucks for those artists that didn't opt to keep some sort of back-up media for their portfolios (I, myself, keep two digital back-ups and two types of physical back-up for my artwork), it is good to see that the community there is trying to rebuild from a very unfortunate debacle.

Something could be said about the problems with the digital landscape, but those same problems co-exist with some great solutions to the frailty of physical storage as well.

I hope their community the best and hope the kickstarter can get them back on their feet.