CES 2011 Can Only Get More Impressive After This

Out in Las Vegas for CES 2011, our guys have spotted the En-V. It's sort of a car.


It's a vehicle made by GM. Our friends at Jalopnik have wondered if it is The Pac-Man Like Future of Urban Travel. It sure is odd. So's CES, the year's biggest tech and gadgets show.


Microsoft and Sony have keynote events tonight. We'll be covering those and we demand gaming news from them — and an appearance by the En-V if need be. A Gran Turismo DLC option, perhaps?

Here's an official GM shot of the En-V. The car company envisions the small vehicle as a useful mode of transport in the overcrowded mega-cities of our near future.

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Mass transit? :-P

Edit: Oops, I forgot how the vehicle opens upward. My bad. :-P

Being serious, though, where is the thing's center of gravity? I doubt it would take a banked curve (e.g., an off-ramp) very well.