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CES 2010 Keynote Starring Microsoft's Steve Ballmer

Illustration for article titled CES 2010 Keynote Starring Microsofts Steve Ballmer

Microsoft will kick off CES 2010 with its annual opening keynote, delivered by the energetic Steve Ballmer and presumably with the aide of a few high ranking Microsoft executives. We're there live, waiting for Project Natal and Xbox Game Room news.


In fact, we wouldn't be surprised to see some more firm dates applied to both Project Natal—maybe even getting a peek at some non-game related demonstrations—and Game Room, confirmation of which leaked earlier today. Read on for our up to the minute liveblog of Microsoft's CES keynote if you want to know what Steve Ballmer and crew will be doing for the next hour.

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"Tonight's gonna be a DP night. "

My sick mind fooled me, xDDDDDD.