Illustration for article titled CES 09: The Worlds Tiniest Video Game Guitar Controller

Like regular sized Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitar controllers, but far, far daintier, the USB ready Riff Rocker adds hand cramping as an extra difficulty modifier to your rhythm gaming.


While the lil' device has been available commercially for a few months now, it has been so at some of the more, let's say, unproven retailers. But we got a chance to go claw-hand on with it at CES this weekend. It works, but only with the open source Frets On Fire for Windows and Linux.


And it really only works as a fun little novelty, the kind of thing that someone might while away their time with between CES appointments. It's certainly more accurate than I had expected — my Pixies "Wave of Mutilation" score was respectable, if not perfect — but limited in its usefulness.

At $19.95 though, this is either an expensive prank or a very frugal, very space conservative option.

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