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CES 09: Liveblogging Microsoft's CES Keynote: Just The Games

Illustration for article titled CES 09: Liveblogging Microsofts CES Keynote: Just The Games

Keynotes have changed. Microsoft's 2009 CES keynote is being helmed by CEO Steve Ballmer, the first not to be delivered by founder Bill Gates. It's also going to be light on video game content.


That's why we're taking it easy this year. We're expecting little more than some Halo-related announcements and word to drop on Kodu — the game creation tool formerly known as Boku. They really have a knack for sexy product names, eh?

Read on for our up to the minute that they say something game-related liveblog.

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Holy crap!

What the hell is Peter Boyle doing there!?