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CES 09: I Just Played Guitar Hero III... In 3D!!!

Illustration for article titled CES 09: I Just Played Guitar Hero III... In 3D!!!

3D gaming is huge at CES 2009. It's a great gimmick that blows the mind of the buttoned down conventioneer glassy-eyed from looking at television monitors and cell phones that are 0.01% different this year.


Chip maker Nvidia is attempting to lure in the mid-level manager still wowed by 3D displays, showing off Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with convincing three-dimensional depth. Nvidia's take requires powered glasses — pretty much like everyone else's solution — and works just as well.

The businessmen ate it up. It's definitely impressive, seeing the Guitar Hero note highways popped out beyond the on-stage antics. Well, it's definitely impressive to look at. It doesn't add anything new to the actual playing experience, as you're so focused on the highways during play that everything else requires tuning out. Still, neat-o, at least according to the glasses-sporting passerby.


Nvidia has more than just Guitar Hero on display in 3D, so we're off to hunt down the company's other 3D offerings.

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For some reason, this whole 3-D gaming thing sorta screams "GIMMICK" to me...