Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos says that Rock Band may be taking the year off in 2009, with the developer focusing its efforts on the Beatles game it announced in October. Instead, expect more music.

Rigopulos said at the Billboard Digital Music Live keynote at CES that the Harmonix team will be directing its "creative energy" to the still-untitled Beatles video game project and expanding the catalog of tracks available for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. The Rock Band music library crossed the 500 song mark

Since launch, MTV Games and Harmonix have sold more than 30 million tracks for the band games, Rigopulos said.

While we shouldn't expect to see Rock Band 3 appearing this holiday, that doesn't mean we won't see something. Last year, MTV shipped two track packs filled with content previously available only through downloads, as well as an AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack disc through Walmart.


As far as future updates to Harmonix-helmed series, Rigopulos that the chance of a keyboard controller coming to Rock Band and/or the Beatles game was a definite "maybe."