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Centaurian The Game Can Never Live Up To Its Trailer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When the love between a man and his horse gives birth to a tribe of evil centaurs, only one man can save the world from being stomped under the hooves of oppression - Simon Peterson.

Designer, animator, yoga instructor, ping pong extraordinaire, writer, webmaster, and creative genius Simon Peter might have out creative genius'd himself, creating an epic trailer for his upcoming Flash game that the game itself could never hope to live up to. Not without centaurs tossing their severed genitals at our hero as he bobs and weaves, heaving his mighty axe-a-rang into hordes of half-man, half-horse enemies.


I reached out to Simon Peter, who assured me that there is a completely real game coming on June 10, like it or not. He's even provided us with a trio of screens, which you can peruse below. "I am just bugging out over not getting my hero to jump properly to avoid the centaur projectiles," says Peter. "But I have lost quite a bit of sleep already, trying to meet my self-imposed deadline."

You can find out more about Simon Peter and Centaurian: The Game at his website, which may be the most hideous thing I've seen on the web in the past five years. Go ahead and look. He won't hurt you.