CellZenith Wants To Be The Next Geometry Wars

Is Faramix Enterprises' CellZenith the next Geometry War? According to their website, many of their testers seem to think so. CellZenith is a fast-paced space shooter due out on September 30th for the PC from Direct2Drive and GamersGate for $19.95, which features 35 different ships, 30 campaign levels, powerups, boss battles, dynamic weather, mini-games, and just about everything else they could cram in there. Whether it's the next Geometry Wars remains to be seen, but it at least looks like an interesting shooter for those so inclined to shoot things on their PC. Hit the jump for some screenies, or hit up the game's website for more info.

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Mike Fahey

No no! Their testers say it is!



Their testers are lying!