Japanese artist ag+ has commemorated the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Legend of Zelda in the best possible way: with one of the most amazing pieces of fan art you will ever see.

If Nintendo had a chapel and (bear with me) that chapel had an ornately-painted ceiling, this would surely be that painting, a truly epic piece that includes what must be every major character the entire series has ever seen.

Because the original work is so damn large (1200x6566, 7.2MB), we've broken it up into a gallery of "highlights" above (including a 15-minute video detailing the creation of the piece). To see the entire thing in all its glory, you can download it here for a slightly less weighty version, or from the artist's site linked below for the full thing.

To the first person who can successfully name every character in the piece...you shall have internet fame, if only for a day.

25周年ゼルダ[Pixiv (registration required)]