Celebrate 15 Years of Wild Arms with Four Hours of Free Music

A decade and a half ago a sublime blend of Eastern role-playing and Wild Western adventure was released in Japan. Today the talented folks at OC Remix celebrate that release with a free album featuring more than four hours of expertly twisted tunes from the soundtrack of the original Wild Arms.


While I wouldn't call the Wild Arms series of role-playing games revolutionary, it was powerful enough for the 53 artists featured on OC Remix's 31st album, Wild Arms: Armed and Dangerous, to create 58 astounding musical mix-ups. They've managed to fix everything on here: Hip-hop, reggae, trance, jazz, and much more, all sprinkled with Wild Arms' distinctive Old West flavor. I imagine it's quite tangy and smoky.

And free. Nothing tastes quite as good as free. Got take a bite and see for yourself.


Wild Arms: Armed and Dangerous [OC Remix]

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Honestly, I think they would have been better off doing it as a tribute album with music from all of the WA games — while the first game had a number of great songs, WA2 has a much stronger soundtrack overall, and many of the latter games in the series have truly outstanding compositions.

Speaking of WA though, I hope WA6 is still in the works. Media Vision had mentioned plans for making a PS3 WA, but we haven't heard anything about that in forever, sadly.