CD Projekt Files Trademark For Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Illustration for article titled CD Projekt Files Trademark For Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Is Witcher III card game Gwent strong enough to stand on its own? A trademark application filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office indicates that developer CD Projekt Red thinks so. That, or they just wanted to protect the keen logo they came up with.

While the trademark application (discovered by NerdLeaks) doesn’t specifically state the logo is for a digital version of Gwent, one of the Nice classifications in the listing is related to computer software, so there’s a fair chance we’re looking at a standalone expansion of the popular mini-game. PC and console would be great, but I’d love to have Gwent on my iPad.

I pinged CD Projekt PR, but so far haven’t heard anything back. I’m guessing that if there’s a announcement to make, they’ll make it in their own time.

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Gwent was fun in TW3, but needs to be completely rebalanced if they want competitive play. Didn’t help that the Gwent AI in TW3 was either cheating or completely inept.