CCP Boss: Dust 514 for Those Who 'Blow Sh— Up'

DUST 514 takes the prize for most intriguing hybrid - console FPS/RTS/MMO that performs in the persistent EVE Online universe. Here, the CCP Games CEO explains the concept more, including the fundamental difference in EVE and Dust characters.

Hilmar Pétursson drew a familiar analogy - EVE Online players are the air force; DUST 514 players are the (wait for it) marines. Space marines! Pétursson went on to say that while EVE inhabitants are "different people," focused on operating spacecraft. a character in DUST "would rather run around, blow shit up. That is his skill."

You see, EVE players talk like this and DUST 514 players talk like this.

Pétursson says the game have persistency elements of its own, as well as ones from the EVE universe. He made no announcement or hint of when this will be available, other than CCP's been working on it for three years.

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