Cave Story Wii Has A Little Extra Something

Cave Story Wii isn't the same Cave Story you already know and already love. For starters, it's getting a graphical facelift, character art and all. But that's not all; it's also getting downloadable content.


Yes, posted on the game's official blog yesterday was the following:

We’re still working away at Cave Story trying to make sure it’s faithful to Amaya-san’s original while adding a few things for the console release. One of these new additions, I’m happy to announce is Download Content. I think we received enough e-mails demanding it that we’re doing our best to include some new surprises in the WiiWare release. You’re going to have to wait for more info on that.

New levels? New characters? New weapons? Goodness me, it's enough to make a man faint from all the excitement.

And Hello Again! [Nicalis]

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