CAVE have announced that four of the company’s classic SHMUP games are coming back to iPhones and iPads as 64-bit titles, after their older 32-bit releases were killed off with iOS11.

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Lenny Valentin

These are all bullet hell shooters, right? Those are too hardcore for me.

I played Seibu Kaihatsu’s Raiden II and III back in the early ‘90s and they were friggin unbelievably awesome games. Or well, so I thought at the time anyway. lol Pretty sure the graphics aren’t actually as fantastic as I seem to recall, just like with Capcom’s Forgotten Worlds, which I thought was unbelievably uber impressive when I saw it for the first time back in 1988.

Of course, a couple decades later it wasn’t really so special... :P

Forgotten Worlds’ control scheme was quite excellent though, you had a 360 degree spinner to aim your guy’s stream of fire (pressing down on it to shoot as I recall), and a standard 8-direction digital joystick to move your guy around the screen.

Good shooting game. I liked it a lot.

Edit: reading on wikipedia, it seems FW first released in august, and I played it at halloween time in Santa Monica, CA. :) Can’t have been much of a lag there for that to have happened...