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Caught 'Em: Winners

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our latest 'Shop contest took inspiration from the capture of the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger. We've got a list of the 20 most wanted 'shops inside. Their crime? First-degree hilarity.

Given the go-ahead to use Asshole Dog, Cilixblade (3) struck first. Companion Cube (5) followed with a quick 'shop. Everyone knows how I love that mutt, so both go in. GiantBoyDetective's Waluigi booking photo (9) was beautifully done. There's something about DashMoney's choice of base image (7) that makes me laugh like hell. Rictor's perp walk (16) was also well done. Kronicus (14) gave us a nice org chart of Koopa mafiosi.


Wanted posters were a popular theme. deadweight (8) bagged Carmen Sandiego; check out her rap sheet. Xusder (18) provided some light weekend reading with his Gordon Freeman poster. Incursor (10) was so, so close to being my favorite. The mug shots he used were outstanding. I felt bad that he didn't make it, but given how many times we've seen him in #TAYpics, he'll survive.

No. 1? Far and away, it is JGab's fully animated Pokémon video starring Whitey. Go look it up in the gallery, it's No. 11.


Congratulations to everyone, and thanks again for making this such a wonderful feature. We'll be back tomorrow.