Catherine's Cover Art Too Hot For Some 'Sensitive' American Gamers

Atlus will bring the erotic horror puzzle platformer adventure Catherine to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer in North America. And it will do so with just one small change for one particular demographic: "more sensitive shoppers."

After spotting some unexpected alternate cover art for the PS3 and Xbox 360 game, artwork that does away with much of the cleavage seen on Catherine's original cover art, Siliconera got the scoop from publisher Atlus.


Reps there say that, no, Catherine's risque box art won't be changing for most buyers. The company will simply offer a less innuendo-slathered alt cover for select retailers in North America.

"The vast majority of copies available at launch will feature the cover we originally unveiled, essentially the Japanese cover of the game," reads a comment attributed to Atlus' Nich Maragos. "A small percentage of copies, however, will feature a cover that is more considerate of certain retailers' broader customer demographic."

Since I'm not a "more sensitive shopper"... whew!!


Alternate Catherine Cover Art For North America? [Update] [Siliconera]

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