Vandark has a plea for Square Enix, and it has nothing to do with Final Fantasy XIV's (re)launch issues. No, the thing that most seems to bother this player is the way the bodies of a certain cat-like race (called 'Miqo'te') in the MMO look.

Thing is, the race used to have a more, err, voluptuous backside...but then that got changed, much to the dismay of some players.

"I can’t continue to ignore this like lots of you are, I try believe me, every time I equip my old gear I can’t help but notice every single time (Doesn’t matter what gear I ware) that the gear hangs in the air, or the bottom half of my character is a miss match with her upper half," Vandark wrote in a thread on the Square Enix forums.

"1.0 Had great character models for all races, but the 2.0 character models particularly the Female Miquo'te now lack shape and the female Miquo'te body now appears to be structured incorrectly with the back and shoulder blades protruding outwards further than the rear," he continued.


"All I’m after is for Yoshi to look into this again and consider returning the bottom half of our character models back to the 1.0 shape and size with a patch as an additional body option."

Does this sound kind of ridiculous? Well, maybe you should look at Vandark's visual evidence.



And here's a screenshot from Mike:

Make of it what you will, but Vandark maintains it's not a sexual thing, nor are they being petty—they say it's just something that's getting in the way of the immersion.


"Please Yoshi I really hope you can do something about this because for some of us this is a real problem and it’s making the game less enjoyable for me and I know I’m not the only one," he posits—and judging from some of the reactions of the 30 page thread, he's right. He's not the only one that feels that way. A small sampling of the reactions that agree (click on 'expand' on the top left of the images):


Personally, it doesn't seem like such a big deal to me, and certainly not all the reactions in the post are in agreement with the original poster. Still, for some, people catgirl butt stuff does matter.

(Via John Funk)

I can’t ignore this anymore! Something should be done about it! [Square Enix Forums]