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Catch Real Mexicans In This Real Border Crossing "Game"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a new "project" running in Texas that sounds a lot more like a "game" to us. It involves cameras, the internet, people sitting at home and catching Mexicans. Fun fun fun!

At a cost of $2 million, the system - called a "Virtual Stakeout" - involves a series of webcams placed along the Texas-Mexico border. These webcams can be viewed online, by you, by me, by anyone, with the aim of making public viewers "Virtual Deputies".


You sit there, you can the horizon, and if you spot someone trying to make a run across the border, you notify the authorities. So it's like Pokemon Snap, then, only without the Pokemon. Mexican Snap, if you will.

They've been in operation for six weeks now, and the "Virtual Deputies" have already clocked up one arrest, helping Police nab three suspects alleged to have been lugging 540 pounds of marijuana across the border.


It's a joint operation between the Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition and BlueServo, BlueServo being a budding networking site, who are helping foot the bill in exchange for the publicity.

Presumably so the virtual deputies can meet other agoraphobic, internet-obsessed, potentially Mexican-hatin' vigilante types from the safety and comfort of their own home. (Almost) Everybody wins!

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