We're back for the second day of "Worlds"—the Pokémon World Championships—in Vancouver, B.C. and six champions will be crowned in three divisions across Pokémon's video game and trading card game. You can watch it all live right here.

Final matches are beginning right now. In the video game world championships, junior division, Brendan Zheng (U.S.) faces Fuko Nakamichi (Japan). In the senior division, Hayden McTavish meets Ben Hickey (both U.S.). In the master division, Ryosuke Kosuge of Japan plays Aaron Zheng of the U.S., and Arash Ommati of Italy faces Benjamin Gould of the U.K.


In the trading card game world championships, junior division, Yugo Sato (Japan) faces Ondrej Kujal (Czech Republic). In the senior division, Kaiwen Cabbabe of Australia meets Clement Lamberton of France, and in the master division, James Good faces Simon Narode and Dustin Zimmerman plays Jason Klaczynski (all participants U.S.)

If you're having trouble with the embed, Pokémon's Twitch TV feed may be seen here.