"Digital Marketing" experts Clickz have a theory - casual games are becoming the dominant form of gameplay and are killing the console market deader than a particularly dead doornail. "We are entering a future that many in the game industry are still denying and fighting against," says Clickz's Kevin Carney, "We are watching the icon of gaming, the console, quickly and ungraciously bow to the internet." You see, it is not just any old casual gaming - it is web-based casual gaming with an advertising-based revenue model. "Here's the beauty of this transition: advertisers are the prime movers. Online games are typically funded through advertising revenue," continues Carney.Carney's theory may be slightly filtered through the web marketing-based publication he is writing for - most of his readership stand to gain from a boom in casual games, after all - but he does make the case that improvements in gameplay don't necessarily follow from improvements in console power. Anyone out there ready to trade Gears 2 for Zoo Keeper? “Consoles are facing competition and extinction” [Casual Gaming]