Casual Games Getting 'Sloppy' - James Patterson

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Bestselling crime writer James Patterson is working on a series of casual games based on his Women's Murder Club books. As well as singing the praises of the titles he is developing with I-Play, Patterson was careful to stick a stiletto blade in the back of his competitors.

"I wanted the story to have some dramatic power, something to hold you. I wanted the little side missions - which are a staple of casual games - to be a little more organic. In some casual games they can get a little sloppy. At least in WMC the little things - such as the parts where you have to mix the chemicals in the lab - have some relevance to the main story."


Well, you have to give him this much - nothing says 'dramatic power' like a chemical mixing minigame. Casual game design 'can get sloppy' says author James Patterson []



Uhm... I've actually read his books and liked them. That doesn't necessarily mean that it can translate into a game I would like to play but I would be interested to find out.

Now, is there a reason why so many posters show disgust to this writer? is it because he is somewhat of an outsider to the videogame industry or is there something about his work or character that's actually that bad?

Anyways, I won't have high hopes for this game but at least looks like it can be a different experience if it works.