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Castles and Customization Among First Details to Emerge on Dragon Age III

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Character customization will return "in a big way" for Dragon Age III according to a BioWare panel spilling details and concept art on next year's game at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo today.

Already known as Dragon Age III: Inquisition and slated for a "late fall 2013" release, BioWare said it would release concept art being shown at the expo later today. Cinematic designer Jon Perry said that "one level in Dragon Age 3 is as big as all of the levels in Dragon Age 2."


Creative director Mike Laidlaw said that "customization is going to be bigger than Dragon Age Origins," to include "follower customization," according to producer Cameron Lee's live-tweeting of the event.


Asked how much control players would have over their character, lead writer David Gaider said "You will be human," before adding that "backgrounds will be in Dragon Age 3 even though you will be human, it's not playable but it does significant impact on the story." That again was according to Lee's twitter feed.

Other details trickling out suggest that you'll be able to take control of your own castle, and that the game will import prior character choices but, said executive producer Mark Darrah, "we're investigating some ways without save imports."


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