Castle Crashers Gives Alien Hominid A Leg Up

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Alien Hominid came out aaaages ago on Xbox Live Arcade. Did OK for itself, but really, as good as it looked it was just way too hard. So it promptly faded away. But this week, it's back! With The Behemoth's Castle Crashers coasting into the top spot on the XBLA sales charts for last week (and deservedly so), Alien Hominid's been dragged along with it, slotting back into top ten in ninth spot. If you dig Castle Crashers, and have seen the "please buy our stuff it helps keep us alive" notices all over The Behemoth's site, you should be quite pleased with yourself. Xbox Live Arcade Activity For Week Of August 25th [GamerBytes]


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I bought AH when it came out on XBLA and probably played it for two days. The game is excruciatingly difficult. I was suprised to hear than the Alien is unlocked in Castle Crashers if you own AH...I wonder if thats why it's sales shot up as well?